Caregiving challenge

As a Caregiver, you will experience a variety of emotions, some of which are not very positive or exciting. For example, frustration and impatience are two of the most commonly experienced emotions when we are taking care of someone who has dementia. So, here’s a challenge: list 3 blessings and/or 3 positive things that you have experienced since becoming a Caregiver. By doing this exercise, you might just find that God has given you little “kisses from heaven” without you even realizing it.

Biblical Insights & Care

While it is OK to ask God to bless America, especially in these times, the better thing for us to do is to bless, praise and worship God. We need to get our own “house” in order (meaning, our lives, our attitudes, our hearts, our families). If we are focused on God with all our hearts, minds, souls, then HE will guide and direct us according to HIS will for our lives. Turn to God today. Bless HIM. Praise HIM. Worship HIM. For after all, it’s all because of and UPTOHIM®!!!