Try Something New!!

Did you know . . .  that staying open to constantly learning new things and going through new experiences with a loved one who has dementia helps both the Caregiver and the loved one? Try to see and experience things from their perspective. Help them to learn (or even relearn) new things that are safe and appropriate for them and their cognitive abilities. In the process of doing this you just might find something new that you enjoy; something that you can share in common with your loved one. Remember, we really are never too old to try and learn new things! Having fun is not just for kids . . . it’s something that is timeless and good for all of us no matter our age, no matter our (changing?) abilities!

With God All Things are Possible

Think about this—with the exception of Adam & Eve & Jesus, no other person who has ever lived or whoever will live knows or understands at any level the quality of God’s “good” that He mentions in Gen 1 and 2. All but them have lived in a world that has to try to see God’s good from the abyss of evil. They, though, experienced the good from the summit of what God had established at the outset of creation.

No wonder we have a tension within us and upon us each day. We are attempting to reach for a pinnacle that is impossible to attain through human endeavors this side of eternity. But thanks be to God, who is the Author and Finisher of our lives as believers. For, through Him and with Him, we are sanctified. We are turned more and more into the person whom He designed us to be . . . IF . . . IF we turn and follow Him. . . IF we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior. . . IF we agree with Him that we cannot do it in our own strength. As Jesus aptly said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matt. 19:26). Hold fast to this truth. Hold fast to God. Keep Him as your strength. For although it may feel as though your flesh and heart may fail you, “God is the strength of [your] heart and [HE is your] portion forever.” (Psalm 73:26).

Reducing Stress through Simplicity

Did you know . . .  that having a routine and focusing on the simplicity of daily activities can actually cut down on your stress level as a Caregiver?

It’s time to “Put on Jesus”

Consider Romans 13:10-14. No truer words can be spoken in these days.   We need to “put on Jesus.”  That is, we need to clothe ourselves in Jesus; we need to wrap ourselves up in Jesus, much like sinking into a garment—intimately, fully. God wants us in a deep relationship with Him. He loves you (John 3:16). Will you love Him back?