Living with a Spirit of Prayer – It’s Essential!

On average most people get somewhere around 168 hours each week to spend as they want. How we spend those hours affects our whole being, as well as those around us. When we make choices that degrade our sense of God and Who He is, we are bankrupting ourselves. This leads to panic because we are not spiritually prepared for the twists and turns that life’s daily events bring. All of us, but caregivers in particular, need to establish a Spirit of Prayer within ourselves so that we are communing with God on a moment-by-moment basis. When we approach everything we face and do with a prayerful heart, we will find peace and wisdom. God listens to us with patience; He doesn’t rush us. He understands not only our words, but our intentions and heart’s desires too. Choose today to live with a Spirit of Prayer–tapping into the God Who created you and all that exists around you. It’s essential to getting through this life!

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