About Us

Biblically Centered Motivational Speaking and Teaching

It is always a privilege to share biblical principles about how each of us can live healthier, more productive and passionate lives that glorify God.  We are committed to educating, equipping and exhorting individuals, families and faith communities in how to embrace biblically-centered principles that promote peace-filled relationships.

We are also dedicated to supporting care givers in the day-to-day concerns and challenges that come with providing ongoing, compassionate care to loved ones.  We work with individuals, churches and communities in the establishment of Elder Care and Care Giver ministries, and place special emphasis in caring for those with memory loss and physical impairments, including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Lewy-Body, and other related dementias, as well as lung disease.

Although a large portion of what we teach revolves around learning how to have more peace and less conflict in one’s life, as well as care giving and elder care issues, we are happy to address specific topics when requested to do so.  No matter what the selected topic is, we fashion the teaching based on God’s Word, as presented in the Bible, and seek to embed practical tools that will help to equip and exhort the participants.  We are available to present at workshops, seminars, conferences or in more formal classroom settings.