Meet Sherylynn Viale

Founder and Executive Director of UPTOHIM® Care Management and Spiritual Care Ministries

Committed to educating, equipping and supporting care givers in the day-to-day concerns and challenges that come with providing ongoing, compassionate care to loved ones, Ms. Viale founded UPTOHIM® Ministries in 2009. As a full-time care giver to her parents and other family members, she obtained hands-on experience in caring for individuals suffering from cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, dementia and Alzheimer’s, and lung disease.

Ms. Viale is a trained advocate with the Alzheimer’s Association and has been a member of Life Transitions Alliance, as well as the Education and Resource Committees of the Arizona Caregiver Coalition. Ms. Viale is also a conflict and life coach, mediator, speaker and writer who is passionate about encouraging, exhorting and equipping individuals to live empowered lives. She served for several years on the Board of Directors for Southwest Behavioral Health Services in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a retired, licensed attorney who practiced in the areas of elder law, probate, estate planning and estate administration, as well as general business.

Prior to starting UPTOHIM®, Ms. Viale served as the Director of Training & Certification Program for Peacemaker Ministries, where she oversaw the establishment, coordination, promotion and administration of all training events and certifications for the ministry. Ms. Viale has assisted local church members in resolving business and marital disputes through Biblically-based conflict resolution methodologies.

Ms. Viale has attended Gateway Seminary in Scottsdale, Arizona.