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Journey to Peace™ Workbook

Our Journey to Peace™ Workbook is a self-study guide that assists the reader in assessing his/her relationship with: 1) God, 2) themselves, and 3) others. These assessments are done in light of what the Bible instructs us concerning making peace with one another and living a life filled with peace. We uncover Satan’s schemes to destroy relationships and evaluate techniques that we can employ to overcome those destructive schemes. Throughout the workbook, the reader is provided with thought-provoking questions, personal challenges and explanations of biblical passages that bring to light God’s desires for each of us in our relationships.

Offered at $18 (includes S&H)

Relationship Prayer Journal

Finally there is a prayer journal designed specifically and exclusively for relationships! Our Relationship Prayer Journal is based upon each of the 31 Proverbs contained in the Bible. In it, readers will find 31 days of prayers that have been designed to encourage and bring them comfort in three specific relationship areas: 1) their external relationships (i.e., the relationships that they have with others), 2) their internal relationships (i.e., the way that they view themselves and their personal struggles), and 3) their spiritual relationship with the Lord. The Journal is a wonderful tool for prayerfully lifting up our relationships to the Lord, and asking for His help, healing and strengthening of those relationships. It is a source of encouragement and hope, and includes space to record special prayers. Prayer Journal Entry pages are also included, where a specific prayer request may be noted, along with the date and manner in which it was answered.

Offered at $13 (includes S&H).

It’s All About Me! Notebook

The It’s All About Me! Notebook captures pertinent, non-confidential information about yourself or a loved-one in an easily accessible, useful and practical soft-cover format. In it, you are able to record medical histories, current health status, physician contact information, emergency contacts, basic legal, estate planning and insurance information, current medicine and vitamin lists, and so much more! Going to the doctor, handling an emergency or caring for a loved one becomes easier and less stressful once you start using this Notebook. Physicians, emergency and medical personnel, and care givers are raving about the usefulness, helpfulness and practicality of this Notebook. Don’t miss out! Offered at $13 (includes S&H).

The It’s All About Me! Notebook is compact (approximately 5″x8″), lightweight, and easily fits into a briefcase or purse.