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Speaker Fees and Costs
In order to be responsive to its potential customers and current economic conditions, UPTOHIM® Ministries has established several different possible and flexible fee structures for its various events.  These fee structures will be reviewed and discussed with potential venues, and a mutually agreed upon fee structure will be established for the event.

1. Fee Charged at the Door:
In some venues, UPTOHIM® Ministries will charge a reasonable, nominal fee (based upon local market conditions) to participants.  The fee will be sufficient to cover expenses incurred by UPTOHIM® Ministries in providing the event.

2. Expense Reimbursement by Sponsor and Love Offering
In some instances, UPTOHIM® Ministries may agree to accept (as its event fee) reimbursement for its event expenses from the host/event sponsor.  A love offering will be requested at the conclusion of the event from the participants, and to the extent that the love offering equals or exceeds the event expenses, the host/event sponsor will not be required to compensate UPTOHIM®.  To the extent that the love offering does not meet or exceed the event expenses, the host/event sponsor will compensate UPTOHIM® of the difference between the expenses and the amount received in the love offering.

3. Love Offering Only:
In other venues, UPTOHIM® Ministries may agree to accept a love offering, which will be requested at the conclusion of the event from the participants, as its event fee.  All monies collected as part of the love offering will be given to UPTOHIM® Ministries.