Caring A-Cross™ … 4 Distinct Components

Care Groups


  • Sharing
  • Prayer
  • Speakers
  • Key Topics discussed
  • Outings/retreats
  • Establishment of Buddy Program

Establishment of Assistant Care Giver Team


  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Training
  • Teaming up with home health agencies
  • Establishment of Buddy Program

Establishment of a Loved One’s Activity Group

  • Provides a form of short-term respite care
  • Allows primary care givers to attend care giving support groups, church services and Bible studies
  • Provides a safe environment at the church where loved ones are able to engage in faith-based, interactive, generationally-appropriate activities

Creation of Integrated Assistance Team

  • Provides much-needed assistance to primary care givers with various tasks in and around their home
  • Is comprised of church volunteers
  • Offers coordination between other, already-existing church ministry endeavors